Top Census Tracts with the Highest Residential Vacancy

Earlier this month, we released the Postal Service’s most recent data on vacancies. This data, released quarterly, tracks the number and percentage of properties that have not picked up their mail for more than 90 days within a census tract. This public data is free on PolicyMap and can be viewed in both maps and tables.


So, which census tracts have the highest percentage of vacant residential properties this quarter? Check it out.

Census Tract City Residential Vacancy Rate (2nd Qtr 2009)
005000 Philadelphia, PA 100%
809903 Monmouth, NJ 85.60%
161402 Bexar, TX 82.01%
301500 Harford, MD 81.40%
417300 Hartford, CT 68.18%
008230 Franklin, OH 65.93%
000900 Hamilton, OH 63.25%
727002 Ocean, NJ 63.13%
600100 Camden, NJ 62.82%
000700 Macon, IL 60.15%