Top 10: Cities with Highest Unemployment Rate

Each month we release the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ preliminary and final unemployment rates. Unlike the national figures, the preliminary data on PolicyMap lags by about a month because BLS releases the city, county metro area, and state-level unemployment data one month behind the national numbers. The final figures lag by about two months. This data is free on PolicyMap and can be viewed in maps, tables, and trend charts. Unemployment Rate You can find unemployment data in the Jobs & Economy tabs.

Unemployment Rate

The cities with the highest unemployment rates are shown below.

City Unemployment Rate in July 2009 (Pre)
Highland Park, MI 36.4%
Pontiac, MI 35.1%
Delanco, CA 35%
Calexico 33.4%
Detroit, MI 28.9%
Flint, MI 28.9%
El Centro, CA 28.7%
Anderson, SC 27.1%
Spartanburg, SC 26.6%
Port Huron, MI 26.2%


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