Top 10: Counties with the highest Median Age in 2009

Although we have long had age group indicators from the Census and Claritas, such as a number of people 18-34 years old, we’ve recently added the Claritas estimate and projection for median age, which can be found in the Demographics tab in the Age submenu, named “All Ages”. The county with the highest median age in the United States is Kalawao County, Hawaii, with a median age in 2009 of 57. Kalawao County was once the site of the Kalaupapa Settlement, a leper colony. People suffering from contagious leprosy would be sent here, and would not be permitted to leave. By 1969, leprosy became more treatable, and the quarantine was lifted. It being a tropical island, though, many of the patients chose not to leave, and continue to live there. By law, no one under the age of 16 can either visit or live there, and no new permanent residents are allowed. Incidentally, Kalawao County also has the lowest median household income in the country.

Estimated median age of all people

County, State Estimated median age of all people in 2009
Kalawao, HI 57
McIntosh, ND 55
Sheridan, ND 55
Hettinger, ND 55
Prairie, MT 53
Catron, NM 52
Cavalier, ND 52
Daniels, MT 52
Divide, ND 52
Garden, NE 52

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