Counties with Highest Percent of Jobs in Manufacturing in 2007

The U.S. Census collects information about the location of companies, their number of employees, and their primary industry and presents this data in its County Business Patterns (CBP) series. The set contains data from 2003-2007. Given the country’s declining manufacturing base, it might be useful to know what communities are still heavily reliant on manufacturing jobs in the United States. If you’re interested in a specific county, you can see the trend line from 2003-2007 for employment in a given industry.

At the zip code level, in order to preserve anonymity, the County Business Pattern does not disclose a specific number of employees but rather reports the number of establishments with employees in various ranges. Where CPB provides the number of employees as falling within a range, PolicyMap interpolates the employee count by assuming the middle value of the range.

Percent of jobs in the Manufacturing industry in 2008

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