Counties with the highest Population Density in 2009

Sometimes, the results of our “Top 10” postings are surprising, and sometimes they verify things you already knew. Today is a case of the latter: a lot of people live in New York City. Population density is a new indicator we have from Claritas, and quite simply tells how many people are packed into an area. And to no one’s surprise, the Big Apple is all over these lists.

  • The top ten densest census tracts in the country are all in New York.
  • Nine of the top ten densest zip codes are in New York.
  • New York County, which consists of all of Manhattan, is the densest county in the country, followed by Kings County (Brooklyn), Bronx County, and Queens County.

There is one surprise, however. The census-designated city with the highest population density is not New York, NY, which sits in eighth place. Rather, it’s the bustling 34-acre metropolis of Friendship Village, Maryland.

County/Population Density

County, State Estimated population density in 2009
New York, NY 71,165.62
Kings, NY 35,971.74
Bronx, NY 32,759.30
Queens, NY 20,862.46
San Francisco, CA 16,874.78
Hudson, NJ 12,743.34
Suffolk, MA 12,232.71
Philadelphia, PA 10,656.73
District of Columbia, DC 9,636.68
Alexandria City, VA 9,236.72

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