Top 10: Getting to Work, Part 3

The Census reports various modes of transportation for commuting to work. Of course there’s driving. And public transportation. And biking and walking. Even working from home. And then, there is the “other” category. According to the data, “‘Other’ means of transportation include those other than commuting by car or motorcycle, car pool or van pool, public transit, bicycle or walking.” So what does that leave? Helicopter? Horseback? Yacht? Pogo stick? An answer of sorts comes by way of a Top 10 list. Take a look:

City/Estimated percent of workers who commute to work using another means of transportation in 2009:

City, State Percent of workers who commuted to work using another means of transportation
Platinum, AK 100%
Portage Creek, AK 100%
Chuathbaluk, AK 89.13%
Kipnuk, AK 88.70%
Levelock, AK 83.87%
Ekwok, AK 80%
Akhiok, AK 69.57%
Kwigillingok, AK 69.16%
Atmautluak, AK 68.37%
Pedro Bay, AK 68%


As you can see, the cities that predominantly use an “other” means of transportation to work are all in Alaska. The only question, then, is whether they’re riding snowmobiles or dog sleds.

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