Least Populous Counties During 2005-2009

PolicyMap has just loaded data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (known as ACS), which provides 5-year estimates on Census-type data, updated on a yearly basis. For the next few Top 10 posts, we’ll look at some of this new data from the ACS.

Every time the Census comes out with new data, everyone wants to know, what are the most populous areas in the country? But the most populous counties are always the same: the ones containing Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, New York, etc. Today, we’ll look at something different: the counties with the least residents.

Estimated Population Between 2005-2009

You may recall seeing Kalawao County, Hawaii on this blog before. Until 1969, Kalawao was the site of the Kalaupapa Settlement, a leper colony. Now that leprosy is an easily treatable disease, lepers are no longer sent there, but the entire county is closed to new residents. The only people who live there are former lepers who decided not to leave. So it makes sense that they’re the least populous, and oldest age county in the nation.

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