TRF Releases Nationwide Food Access Data


Want to find out if your community is among those considered to have inadequate access to a full-service grocery store? TRF is making some of our food access data and analyses available on our PolicyMap platform for free!

Coming soon – webinars on the food access data, how you can use it for your community and what you can learn from TRF’s analytic techniques when we explore a place more thoroughly. Sign up to be notified of webinar dates by emailing us at .

This data analysis is part of our comprehensive efforts to improve access to healthier foods in low-income communities, beginning in 2004 with the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI) which has provided more than $85 million in grants and loans to food retail businesses across Pennsylvania. A nationally recognized success, FFFI is now being replicated in several states including California, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey and New York, and it is the foundation for President Obama’s proposal for a $345 million national Healthy Food Financing Initiative in the 2011 federal budget. Working from this analysis, we are helping policymakers and investors on both community-wide policy development efforts and on very localized, customized analyses in order to better understand the food access problem in their markets.

TRF is a community development financial institution certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Combining expert knowledge and innovative financial products, TRF has invested $1 billion since 1985 in housing, charter schools, supermarkets, neighborhood amenities and green businesses located in economically distressed communities across the Mid-Atlantic. Through Policy Solutions, we conduct research on major issues that affect poor and working class communities and use this information to identify opportunities to invest our own resources and to help policymakers, foundations and investors with their community development strategies and investments.

For more information on TRF’s food retail financing programs & food access research, visit

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