How to use the See List feature

As stated in the Tables tutorial, the See Lists feature will display all the addresses from a point dataset that are contained in a geography. Users can then download a CSV file which will contain all the data each address in the query.

To use the See List feature on the Tables page, use the search bar to add places that you would like to query addresses for. Then add a dataset from the Data Points section.

Add additional locations in the search bar at any time, or remove locations using the “X” icon next to the name.

Custom regions will also give users the ability to use the See List feature to query the total number of address which are in the region boundary.

Rankings – The Ranking feature allows subscribers and trial users to see where a location ranks among other geographies within a single dataset. Rankings will show the ranking of the location selected, see other geographies that rank above and below it, and the top 10 and bottom 10 locations in that dataset.

Use the icons in the See List and Rankings window to save or download the data.

See Values-Save The Save icon will save this list to the My PolicyMap page, allowing users access the list at any time.

See Values-Download The Download icon will download a complete spreadsheet of all data for a Point dataset, including all columns and rows of data.

Tables-RankingsPrint The Print icon for See Rankings will generate a printout that can be downloaded.

Note: Licensing agreements prohibit PolicyMap from making all datasets available for download.

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To read a full guide on all features on PolicyMap, please look at our Primer available here