Visit PolicyMap at ACRL 2013 in Booth #122

Are you in Indianapolis for the ACRL conference this week? You can enter to win a free 1-year subscription, valued at $2000! Come by the PolicyMap booth (#122) to see some of the ways colleges and universities are using PolicyMap, like:


  • Map financial inequality for Sociology
  • Understand voter turnout statistics for PoliSci
  • Identify predatory lending trends for Urban Planning and Real Estate
  • View school performance data for Educational Leadership
  • Identify diabetes and obesity rates for a health project
  • Answer many other questions like these

PolicyMap is a fully hosted, cloud-based product so there is nothing to install, download or maintain on your end. Authorized visitors to your library will be able to access everything in PolicyMap by coming to your library's webpage.

Join the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University, Rutgers University, Syracuse University and many others who already have site licenses in place.