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Thank you to our speakers, John Henneberger and Charlie Duncan from Texas Housers, for a fantastic presentation of their work. You demonstrated how collaboration with community organizers and using data spatially can make such a strong impact in community development. We had great questions and thoughtful discussion from our attendees.

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For more information on our speakers:

john_hennebergerJohn Henneberger, Co-Founder, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service: John Henneberger received a B.A. (1976) from the University of Texas at Austin. He began his work engaging in and supporting grassroots housing advocacy in 1974 as a volunteer with the Clarksville Neighborhood Center in Austin, Texas, and he co-authored Housing Patterns Study: Segregation and Discrimination in Austin, Texas (1979) for the City of Austin Human Relations Commission. Henneberger led several community development corporations (1979–1988) prior to co-founding the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service (“Texas Housers”) in 1988. Widely respected across a broad spectrum of stakeholders, Henneberger is working to define new standards for fair housing protections and affordable housing. 

charlie_duncanCharlie Duncan, Fair Housing Planner, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service: Charlie Duncan is a fair housing planner with Texas Low Income Housing Information Service. He collects data from federal, state, and local governments and provides research and maps pertaining to housing, neighborhood qualities, and the socioeconomic conditions of municipalities across Texas. His work informs numerous stakeholders in fair housing-related policy including legislators, law firms, community organizations, local and state agencies, academics, and advocates. Before working for fair housing, he was in the biodiesel industry and worked as an audio engineer. He is also a working musician who has been playing drums and percussion for almost 20 years. Charlie graduated summa cum laude from Texas State University with a B.S. in Geography with emphases in GIS and Urban & Regional Planning.

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