Welcome Jonah Taylor to the PolicyMap team!

We are thrilled to welcome Jonah Taylor to the PolicyMap team as our new User Interface (UI) Designer! We first met Jonah while he was as an intern with The Reinvestment Fund’s communications department. During his internship, Jonah became key in helping us undertake our first major (and award winning!) UI redesign effort.

In this new role, Jonah’s design responsibilities will span all brand touchpoints associated with the PolicyMap user and customer experience, including UI of geospatial/mapping products and design of digital marketing initiatives – helping to make everything we do a bit more human-friendly.

Prior to joining PolicyMap, Jonah interned and freelanced with a number of organizations, most recently including a mobile TV startup in Silicon Valley and a Philadelphia public history project at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

Jonah earned a BA from Hampshire College, where he concentrated in organizational studies and design. In his senior thesis, he created a product design strategy that integrates brand identity with goals for behavioral-level user interaction, for which he used (you guessed it!) PolicyMap as a case study.

A new resident of the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, recent un-vegetarian and occasional-practicing but always-mediocre yogi, Jonah would be at the beach right now if it weren’t for this awesome new job!