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February Update 2013 – Who’s Loving PolicyMap?

Join the tens of thousands of users already turning to PolicyMap to analyze markets, create interactive maps for their own websites, inform their organization’s decision making, or leverage PolicyMap data for their own work. To learn more about who is using PolicyMap and why, visit our client stories page. Questions? Just give us a call at (866) 923-MAPS!

This month, we showcase American Public Radio's use of PolicyMap's unemployment widget in their recent coverage of jobs data: How Boise Beat the National Unemployment Rate. The widget they embedded on their site is from PolicyMap and is free to anyone. Just embed the code found here and enhance your website or blog with interactive maps – they’re continually updated with the latest unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Updated Data for February

Quality of Life

There are a number of datasets that give us a picture of the climate in a particular place – the weather, the UV index, the quality of the water and more. We collect this data from a number of national sources including the EPA and the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) and make it available through our Data API. The following have been updated as of January 2013: the UV Index, water quality, elevation, maximum/minimum temperatures, flight paths and snow, rain, sun. For detail about each of these datasets and what they measure, visit our data directory.

The Environment

EnvironmentBrownfields and Superfund Sites: These sites, as reported by the EPA, have also been updated as of January 2013. To learn more about these point level datasets, visit our data directory.

We strive to keep the data on PolicyMap relevant to your work. If you need something we don't have, just let us know. We keep a rolling pipeline of new datasets to incorporate and love your input!

Coming in March

Congressional Districts for the 113th Congress! The Census released new boundaries in January, and we are incorporating them into PolicyMap now. You will be able to search, map, and generate reports for any of these new congressional districts.

Also coming soon is the 2007-2011 data from the American Community Survey. You’ll not only be able to access this data in maps, tables and reports – but you’ll also be able to compare it to previous years using the new 2010 boundaries. Learn more by reading our blog, and stay tuned! Not a PolicyMap user and ready to give it a try? Just sign up for our 7-day trial and get started now.