Assignments and Papers

Public Policy and Administration

Published plan: Coordinated Public Transit–Human-Services Transportation Plan for Delaware (University of Delaware)

Published Paper: A Decent Home: The Status of Home Repair in Detroit (Poverty Solutions, University of Michigan)

Policy Brief: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Delaware’s Aging Population (University of Delaware)

Published Paper: Understanding the Need for Planning for Public Administrators: An Examination of Planning Courses and Concentrations in NASPAA Member Programs (Augusta University)

Reference Book: Mastering United States Government Information (University of Denver)

Syllabus: Civic Engagement and Community Development in Lansing & Flint (Michigan State University)

Syllabus: Mayor’s Symposium: Housing in a Changing City (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Syllabus: Community Development Policy and Management (George Washington University)

Presentation: From Data to Decisions in Local Government (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Student Paper: A GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Disaster Vulnerability in an Urban Space (University of Washington)

Student Paper: Home: A place families can afford Workforce Housing Assessment (University of Minnesota)

Syllabus: Policy Workshop: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (UMass Boston)

Student Paper: Bridging the Digital Divide in Rochester, NY (Syracuse University)

Public Health, Nursing and Schools of Medicine

Published Paper: Individual and Community-Level Risk for COVID-19 Mortality in the United States (Nature Medicine)

Student Masters’ Degree Thesis: Evaluation of Farmers Markets in Selected Counties in Washington State: An Analysis of Accessibility, Location, and Product Selection (Bastyr University)

Published Chapter: The Role of Physical Infrastructure on Health and Well-Being from Creating a Lifestyle Medicine Center From Concept to Clinical Practice (American Hospital Association)

Published Paper: Methods and Tools for Teaching Health Profession Students How to Perform Community Health Needs Assessments (University of New Hampshire, Seton Hall University, Xavier University, Cornell University)

Published Paper: Health Impact Assessment and City Council Policy: Identifying Opportunities to Address Local Social Determinants of Health & Place-Health Relationships, 10 Years Later (Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment)

Published Paper: Addressing Youth-Focused Research Questions in a Community Context: Collecting and Integrating Mixed Methods Data at Multiple Ecological Levels With the PhotoStories Project (Massachusetts General Hospital, Tufts University)

Published Paper: Association of Neighborhood-Level Social Determinants and Food Environments With Pediatric Hypertension Care (Health and Place)

Published Paper: Women’s Health Screening and Mapped Community Resources for Refugees Resettled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Moravian College, Emory University School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University)

Published paper: Evaluation of Farmers Markets in Selected Counties in Washington State: an Analysis of Accessibility, Location, and Product Selection (Current Developments in Nutrition)

Published Paper: Compositional and Contextual Factors Associated With Drug Overdose Deaths In the United States (University of Memphis, Belmont University, Kent State University)

Published Paper: Associations Between Neighborhood‐Level Factors and Opioid‐Related Mortality: A Multilevel Analysis using Death Certificate Data (Harvard Medical School, Health Equity Research Lab, Haverford College, Boston University, Cambridge Health Alliance)

Published Paper: Geographic Relationships Between Smoking and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease in Delaware (Thomas Jefferson University)

Published Paper: Food Access in Delaware: Examining the Relationship of SNAP Retailers, Food Deserts, Obesity, and Food Insecurity (Jefferson University, GlaxoSmithKline, Rutgers University, Christiana Care Health System)

Assignment: Vulnerable Populations: Using PolicyMap for Population Health Analysis (Seton Hall University)

Assignment: Exercise worksheet (Seton Hall University)

Syllabus: Managing Community and Population Health Systems (Seton Hall University)

Webinar: Using PolicyMap in the Classroom: UC Berkeley and Thomas Jefferson University

Published Paper: Process Evaluation of Strong Hearts, Healthy Communities: A Rural Community-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program (Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior)

Published Paper: PolicyMap: Mapping Social Determinants of Health (Medical Reference Services Quarterly)

Student Paper: In Home Support for All: A Community Outreach Project (University of San Francisco)

Student Paper: Food Access in Cincinnati, Ohio (University of Michigan)

Student Paper: Accessible Exercise: Improving Parks and Recreation in the City of Pontiac (Oakland University)

Social Work

Published Paper: Digital Redlining and the Fintech Marketplace: Evidence from U.S. Zip Codes (University of Michigan)

Published Paper: Policy Recommendations for Expanding Access to Banking and Financial Services (Grand Challenges for Social Work)


Syllabus: Reporting and Writing II (University of Southern California)

Political Science

Assignment: State and Local Government (Bowling Green State University)

Assignment: Contemporary Issues in U.S. Public Policy (Seton Hall University)

Published Paper: Flipping the District: An Analysis of Voter Registration Trends and Public Opinion in a Clinton-Republican Congressional District (California State University Northridge)


Conference Proceedings: Marketing Research and Library Training in the Introduction to Marketing Course (Penn State University Harrisburg)

Syllabus: Retailing (Rutgers University Camden)


Published Paper: Technical Services Librarians and Outreach Communicating Our Value To Engage Students In Critical Thinking About Information (College & Research Libraries News)

Fact Sheet: The Southwest Megapolitan Triangle: Immigration and Population Growth (The Data Hub at Brookings Mountain West & The Lincy Institute, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Published Paper: Authentic Messiness: A Community-Based Learning Model in an Introduction to Data, and Statistics Course (Goucher College)

Assignment: College in the Schools Trend Analysis Assignment (University of Minnesota)

Published Paper: Data and Graduate Students: Less Naked and Less Afraid, or Giving Graduate Students the Clothes and Confidence for Data Success (Georgia State University)

Professional Paper: Perspectives on the Latino Population in Sussex County, Delaware (Delaware Community Foundation)

Student Masters’ Capstone Project: Marlborough Street, Newport, RI: A Cultural Landscape Analysis (Roger Williams University)

Senior Thesis: Differential Vulnerability to Climate Related Disasters Among Communities Along the Santa Cruz Coastal Landscape (University of California Santa Cruz)