PolicyMap serves as our one-stop shop for a wide variety of data sources and indicators—all on a user-friendly, multifunctional platform. It has enhanced our process and reduced the time required by staff to collect reliable, accurate and usable information for our strategic deliverables. Valerie Hayes, Planning Manager at CHC
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In order to help community hospitals, CHC’s strategic planning team relies on having current and in-depth data to conduct Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs).


CHC was able to use a wide variety of data from PolicyMap at a local level, on population growth, age, race, ethnicity, economic factors, educational attainment, food insecurity, and more. Combined with data CHC gathered from local sources, they were able to identify and consider the most significant health needs within hospitals’ communities. This helped hospitals and community organizations set priorities, strengthen existing programs and services, and make adjustments to improve community health.