As the pool of grant money continues to decrease, we have to tell a much more compelling story about how we would use that money, and that’s really where PolicyMap has been a tremendous resource. Maryann Sorese, Communications and Compliance Officer, Leviticus Fund
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Maryann Sorese, Communications and Compliance Officer at Leviticus Fund, needed readily available data for research, grant writing, and fundraising so that she and her colleagues could tell a more compelling story about why her organization needed funding and how they would use it.


Using PolicyMap, Leviticus Fund's staff present stories of struggling communities, with needs profiles made from census tract-level data. They also monitor the overall state of the economy and housing in Leviticus Fund’s lending area using a variety of indicators. PolicyMap’s Rental Housing Report provides data for a custom-drawn region to flesh out these profiles and aid in filling out grant applications, such as for the CDFI Fund. Leviticus Fund has a PolicyMap widget on their website to demonstrate their impact: the interactive map shows where they’re lending, to whom they’re lending, and how much capital they’ve invested in each project, giving Leviticus Fund a platform to share each of their stories.