I am very happy to say [PolicyMap] is by far the most utilized resource we have licensed. Arrian Nassel, LHC’s Director of Geospatial Data Visualization
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Ariann Nassel, LHC’s Director of Geospatial Data Visualization, wants health policy students to appreciate the importance of integrating place data into public health research. After all, health is profoundly linked to where people live. She needed a resource to help students, faculty and researchers incorporate public health data visualization into their projects. But many public health students have limited experience with complex GIS technology or expertise in mapping social determinants of health.


Ariann found the perfect solution in PolicyMap, an easy-to-use, interactive mapping tool. Students can instantly access a massive library of expertly curated data through the platform, both public and proprietary. They can map social determinants of health, a critical component in improving health policy and public health outcomes. No additional classroom instruction is required to create maps displaying health, economic and social data. PolicyMap also offers students and faculty the opportunity to investigate issues before applying for grants and other funding thoroughly. To raise awareness for the valuable resource and demonstrate use cases, Ariann developed a short ‘crash course’ lecture (video on left) hosted on YouTube.