PolicyMap is key to accurately and effectively describing the need in our County. There is no way I can track this alone. Hillary Theyer, Monterey County Free Libraries Library Director
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Monterey County Free Libraries’ 17 branches serve 3,321 square miles in Monterey County, California. The county has a population of more than 415,000, including nearly 121,000 children under 18. More than 39% of students in local public schools are English learners. As Library Director, Hillary Theyer aims to build a strategic planning process for MCFL. To enhance grant applications and reporting, MCFL sought a source for neighborhood-level data and community visualization.


Monterey County Free Libraries relies on PolicyMap to strengthen their grant applications and reporting procedures. Theyer routinely uses the platform to generate maps and display related data for grant applications, “The maps save as PDF files with legends already built in, so they can be readily inserted into reports and applications.” Clear and intuitive visuals amplify grant applications. With PolicyMap, Theyer and library staff can dig deeper into specific census tracts and block groups within Monterey County to highlight the availability of and access to broadband, fresh and healthy foods, transportation, and parks. Health and quality of life indicators are critical when articulating the unique needs of a community. PolicyMap’s user-friendly interface makes community data easy to understand, and most importantly, actionable. The tool includes detailed information about each indicator, including the source, how it’s calculated, and what it means, vital information for both the library’s grant team and the grant reviewers. Theyer adds, “I don’t have to worry about pulling old reports and relying on out-of-date data.” Information sourced from PolicyMap is curated from authoritative sources, cleaned and standardized, and always up to date.  Interested in learning more? Read how PolicyMap can be used for grant applications and strategic investment allocation