“PolicyMap’s incredible selection of data allowed us to create a map that visualized our state’s needs and addressed the challenges facing West Virginia families.” — Stacey Harper, WVSAN consultant
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The West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network (WVSAN) works to support the capacity and sustainability of afterschool and summer learning programs across the state. The organization partners with state agencies, schools, child care, higher education, communities, families, and other stakeholders to expand learning opportunities and help families balance work and life.

To engage its partners, WVSAN wanted to create an interactive map that shows how out-of-school time programs intersect with the needs of the community. The public mapping tool would visualize the network’s current impact and highlight future opportunities.


After researching different mapping tool options, WVSAN selected PolicyMap. From WVSAN consultant Stacey Harper, “PolicyMap was not only cost-effective and visually appealing, but included a massive amount and variety of data.”

Using PolicyMap, WVSAN was able to seamlessly map out-of-school-time program locations alongside pertinent data about the status of West Virginia families, children, and communities. The Embedded Mapping Tool is published on the WVSAN website so that caregivers and families can locate nearby programs. Each location includes information on contact details, grades served, and availability of transportation.

WVSAN’s Embedd Mapping Tool also serves a variety of partners including families, programs, policymakers and other stakeholders. PolicyMap’s additional data layers and points can be used to identify new programming opportunities. Together, WVSAN and its partners can tackle challenges facing the community from healthy food access to opioid addiction.