April 2010 Updates

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New for March on PolicyMap! Look for the following new and updated datasets on PolicyMap!

NEW! Foreclosure Filings for Chicago Metro Area: As a part of our Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) work with Mercy Portfolio Services and the City of Chicago, we license foreclosure filing and auction data on a monthly basis from Record Information Services (RIS). The data is cleaned and processed by the Woodstock Institute, then loaded into PolicyMap for viewing in interactive maps. The data gives Mercy and the City of Chicago an abundance of information about foreclosure filings and auctions taking place in Chicago and Kane County each month. While we are not allowed to make the data available to the public for free, we have been given permission by RIS to share this data with PolicyMap subscribers. If you’d like to consider becoming a subscriber, but want to take a look at this data first, just sign up for our 7-day free trial. If you already have an account and would like to try a 7-day trial, please send your request to info@policymap.com.

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You’ll find this data under the Local Foreclosures tab in the Add Sites menu.

This type of data is invaluable to NSP grantees nationwide as they consider where to acquire properties for their program or simply stay on top of an ever-changing housing market. If you are an NSP grantee and have foreclosure or other data you’d like us to similarly load for you, please contact us.

FBI Crime Data for 2008: The latest data released by the FBI has been added to PolicyMap, so you can see crime rates for cities and counties across the nation for 2005 through 2008. Data includes counts and rates of aggravated assaults, burglary, motor vehicle thefts, murder, rape and robbery for cities and counties across the nation. Coverage gets better each year, so check it out. This data is available for free under the Neighborhood Conditions tab.

New Demographic Indicators: PolicyMap subscribers can now access two additional indicators from Claritas, Inc: Population Density and Sex. These indicators can provide you with information about the density of an area’s population and its male/female composition.

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You can find these under the Demographics tab in the Add Data Layer menu.

UPDATED! Home Sale Statistics: Home sale statistics from 2001 through Q3 2009 are now available for neighborhoods across the nation from PolicyMap. This data, supplied by Boxwood Means, Inc., is available to subscribers under the Real Estate Data tab. Create thematic maps, trend charts or generate reports analyzing home sale activity over time in the communities you care about.

Update (06/09/2021): PolicyMap now has home sale data from Moody’s Analytics. Read more here.

UPDATED! Building Permits: Annual and monthly building permit data is available dating back to 2000 and updated monthly. This data, from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Residential Construction Branch Data, includes both the number of buildings and units for which building permits were issued, their total dollar value and change over time. Data is available for counties and MSAs around the nation.

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You’ll find this data for free in PolicyMap under the Real Estate Conditions tab in the Add Data Layer menu.

Premium Subscriber Data: Remember to check out the datasets available under Premium Subscriber data. As organizations subscribe to PolicyMap and send us their data for upload, some choose to make their data available to the public. You can click on anything under Premium Subscriber Data in the Add Sites menu to see what is available. When you add a set of points, remember that you have the ability to click on a point to see underlying information and filter to see a subset of points. Have questions? Just call us at (866) 923-6277 or send us an email.
UPDATED! Monthly Unemployment from the BLS: Check out the latest December 2009 and January 2010 employment, unemployment, and labor force data for states, counties, metropolitan areas, and many cities, by place of residence. This data is updated monthly on PolicyMap and is available back through the year 2000 under the Jobs and Economy tab. To add a fully interactive map of unemployment across the country, check out our free PolicyMap widget.

More free widgets! You can now embed interactive maps of health data into your own website using our free widget. Descriptions of the data available and links to the code for you to embed can be found here. Remember, our widget – the iframe code that allows you to quickly and easily embed interactive maps on your own website – can be customized on your end. You can change the color of the map, change a boundary name and much more. Read our blog posting to learn how.

The beautiful part about these widgets is that as soon as new data is available, PolicyMap updates it for www.policymap.com and the new data is automatically updated in your widget.

Library Licenses: Know of a library that would be interested in a PolicyMap subscription for its students and professors? Just have them contact us.

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