Coming Soon: Curated Collection of Social Determinants of Health Data

PHILADELPHIA, PA – 9/05/23 – PolicyMap will launch a new Curated Collection later this month: The Collection of Social Determinants of Health Data. What are Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)? They are a broad category of non-medical factors influencing health outcomes and risks. SDOH includes all the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect health, functioning, and quality of life.

The new collection will help organizations improve awareness of social risks, adjust clinical plans, link clinical and community services with patient needs, enhance advocacy efforts, and more. Request pricing information below.

Aggregate Patient Data with PolicyMap’s Community-Level SDOH to Identify Risk Factors

Community-level SDOH data can be a powerful tool supporting the efficient and effective incorporation of social care into clinical settings. By examining social risks at the community level, usually unrelated to health care delivery, organizations can improve health and reduce health disparities. PolicyMap is a solution for accessing comprehensive and standardized SDOH. Our community-level data can be easily integrated with patient-level data for deeper insights. 

PolicyMap’s Curated Collection of Social Determinants of Health Data

Thousands of SDOH indicators live within PolicyMap’s vast geographic database. The new collection, available via a new menu in our mapping application or data license, helps users interested in SDOH find the information relevant to them much more quickly. The information is organized by determinant, including Life Expectancy, Health/Healthcare Landscape, Infrastructure/Built Environment, Community/Social Context, Food and Nutrition, Education, Healthy Assets/Opportunities, Financial Stability, and Environmental Hazards. Indicators are available disaggregated (by race, ethnicity, age, etc.) whenever possible.

  • Leverage community-level data to gain strategic insights into social determinants of health and barriers to healthcare faced by members
  • Target philanthropic investments and programs to drive investment strategy 
  • Inform internal analyses and risk scores, feeding internal data lakes and provider portals, and supporting existing internal intelligence 
  • Improve health outcomes by understanding the socioeconomic conditions and other social determinants of health in the communities in which they work
  • Identify gaps in services and areas for expansion – i.e. upload member and provider locations to identify gaps in service and areas for potential growth
  • Locate existing community assets such as housing providers, schools, supermarkets, clinics, and others with whom to partner on initiatives
  • and more! 

Request More Information

The Collection of SDOH Data will be available both with PolicyMap’s mapping platform and by license through our Data API or flat files. Fill in the form below to learn how you can upgrade your current subscription to include the new data collection.