2006-2010 American Community Survey Data Available

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American Community Survey (ACS)

Data from the 2006-2010 ACS is now available on PolicyMap! We’ve updated a large number of indicators in the Demographics, Education, Real Estate Analysis, Money & Income, Neighborhood Conditions, and Owners & Renters tabs. This means up-to-date data in the areas you care about. Create, save, print and share these maps for FREE with PolicyMap.

This ACS data also includes a few new indicators, including the number and percent of families (as well as working families) receiving SNAP across the country. This data is available down to the census tract level and can be found under the Money & Income tab. You’ll also find new indicators related to the number and percentage of people who speak Spanish or are Non-English speaking under the Demographics tab.

We are now working on the 2007-2011 data just released from the ACS last month. Look for it soon!

Also Coming Soon!

Please note that while these ACS updates are available for your use in maps and tables, they have not yet been incorporated into the reports you can generate out of PolicyMap. That’s because our reports are unique in that they allow you to look at how any standard geography or area you’ve drawn on the map has changed over time. The Census changed many geographic boundaries (such as census tracts) in 2010, making accurate comparisons between an area in 2000 and 2010 far more involved. We are working on a major platform upgrade for PolicyMap that, unlike any other mapping tool available online today, will let you seamlessly move from one vintage to the next and compare them simply and accurately over time. Look for this major release this Spring.

January Dataset Updates

FDIC Failed Banks: We’ve updated the list of all banks that failed and were closed by the FDIC through the end of 2012. You’ll find this free data in the Add Sites menu under Banking.

Obesity: Check out the Health tab for the latest data from the CDC on Obesity. In addition to the overall obesity rate, we have an age-adjusted rate, which accounts for the fact that different age groups often have different levels of obesity.

Physical Activity: Data from the CDC provides the number and percentage of people that are estimated to be physically inactive. This county level data can be seen for years 2004 through 2009. You’ll find it for free under the Health tab.

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