May 2018 PolicyMap Update

New Community Health Report

Place matters when it comes to health. Where someone is born and where they live can be the most significant factors in determining their overall level of well-being. PolicyMap has created a new Community Health report to help users understand the health landscapes of their communities. Click here to see a sample report. Read more on our blog.

What’s New in Mortgage Lending: An Analysis of 2016 HMDA Data

Mortgage Lending
Data from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) provides a deep insight into trends in lending from demographics to loan types to government insurance to down payments. Here are a few insights from the latest data.


Search Bar: A New Way to Find Data

To help users find the data indicators they need, PolicyMap now has a search bar for data. You now have the choice whether to browse data in our menus, or go straight to what you need by typing it in.


New and Updated Data