New Congressional Boundaries Now on PolicyMap

113th Congressional District and State Legislative Boundaries are here!

Districts were redrawn last year as a result of population shifts reported in the 2010 Census. It means that the voting districts for many of our public officials are different now than they were just a year ago. And, for some, the boundary change is significant. In January, the Census released the new shapefiles for these Districts and we’ve incorporated them into PolicyMap giving you the ability to see them on a map, create comparative tables of data and understand the new population being served in these districts through on-the-fly reports.

The new Congressional districts are also available in the MyDistrictData tool built with Citi Community Development using the PolicyMap platform. To learn more about MyDistrictData, check it out here.

Customer Spotlight:

Map Your CommunityFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond: Seven Federal Reserve Banks now use PolicyMap for their work or for the display of key data to their website visitors. The Richmond bank is the latest to bring PolicyMap widgets – interactive maps – to their website allowing visitors to make custom maps of demographics, employment and a host of CRA indicators for the states they serve. Their “Map Your Community” maps are automatically updated as the underlying data in PolicyMap is updated.

NEW – Credit Union Branch Locations

This rich data comes from the National Credit Union Administration. It enables you to see branch locations for every Credit Union in the country, plus, by clicking on a branch, you can get details regarding the branch as well as the credit union itself. Find out the total assets, deposits, loans, first-lien home loans outstanding, member business loans, % delinquent, # of members, # of employees, and whether or not the credit union has a low income or minority designation and if it has online banking available.

Trying to get a sense of access to banking in a neighborhood? Apply these credit unions, as well as the bank branches from the FDIC, to your map. These can all be found under the Banking tab under the Add Sites menu.

Data Updates

FBI Crime for 2011
Find crime data from the FBI for counties and places (cities) across the nation as reported by the FBI. Reported crimes include aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle thefts, murder, rape and robbery. You’ll find both the raw number and the rates for each crime in the Neighborhood Conditions tab under the Add Data Layer menu.

Home Sales for Q2 2012
Turn to PolicyMap for data on home sale trends – at the block group level, census tract, zip code and more – from 2006 through the second quarter of 2012. Create thematic maps or trend charts to better understand how both the median home sale price and sales volume are changing in the markets you care about. This proprietary data is available under the Real Estate tab in the Add Data Layer menu.

Fair Market Rents, Small Area FMRs and Area Median Incomes (AMI) for 2013
The latest FMRs and AMIs established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for 2013 are now available. You’ll find FMRs under the Owner & Renter tab and AMI under the Money & Income tab.

SNAP (Food stamps) for 2010
You can now find out how many people received food stamps each year from 2000 through 2010. This county and state level data gives you time series information on the number and percent of all people receiving food stamps, as well as stats for families and working families. Find this under the Money & Income tab.

Food Environment Atlas WIC/SNAP
Want to know about more about SNAP or WIC? Check out the Health tab to learn more about the number of authorized stores and redemptions.

Every month we update unemployment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These statistics allow you to track how unemployment rates and numbers are changing in counties across the country. PolicyMap houses census unemployment data from January 2000 through January 2013. This public data can be found under the Jobs & Economy tab. Want to put these unemployment maps on your own website? You can and it’s FREE. Just embed the code found here.

Updated – CDFI Fund Investment Areas

For those of you needing to get your applications in next week, we have CDFI Fund Investment Areas as of 2013, ready for you in PolicyMap. Just go to the Federal Guidelines tab and you’ll see it listed first under Federal Incentive Designations. Read more in our CDFI blog post.

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