New Geo Tools through PolicyMap!

October 2011

New Geo Tools through PolicyMap!

Turning the complex into something simple means continually improving what we do. It means giving you the right tools and the most relevant data – at the moment you need it.

New this month on PolicyMap –

A Full-Screen Map Widget Layout: Everyone making online maps today is taken with the “full screen” view – so we’ve created this option for those using our widgets to power their interactive maps. Widgets are the simplest way to bring interactive maps to your own website – and now you can bring them to life in full-screen. Click here to learn how to turn this on for an existing widget or how to build your own.

A Custom Report Builder: Generating on-the-fly reports has always been a useful feature in PolicyMap, both for standard geographies, and for custom areas drawn on the map. The reports give you instant access to in-depth demographic and market information in an easy-to-understand format. Now, you can customize how these reports aggregate data. Need a report detailing demographic information for your hand-drawn target area? Generate a report by aggregating block group data or zip code data. It’s your choice.

A More Attractive Color Ramp: Our purple and orange maps have undergone a small makeover. The oranges, which represent negative ranges, are now more vibrant, making it easier to distinguish between colors. It is a small but powerful change, resulting in even better looking, more useful maps.


As always, you’ll find the most up-to-date data on PolicyMap. This month, look for the following – all of which are FREE on PolicyMap:

Bank Closures from the FDIC: You’ll find these address-level closures under the Add Sites menu.

Monthly Unemployment: Every month we bring you the most recently monthly unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can look at county level data for the nation on an annual or monthly basis dating back to 2000. You’ll find it under the Jobs & Economy tab. And, remember, if you want to bring these maps to your own website, just embed our free unemployment widget.

Fair Market Rents for 2012: The latest FMRs established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for 2012 are now available. You’ll find this under the Owners & Renters tab.

Updated Demographic Data

Homelessness for 2010: The most recent state level count of homeless persons from the Department of Housing and Urban Development is available for 2010. Annual counts are available back through 2006 so use PolicyMap to see how numbers are changing in states across the country. You’ll find this under the Demographics tab.

DHS Immigration for FY2010: This data, from the Department of Homeland Security, can provide you with the number of people applying for green cards within each state. Data is available back through 2004. You’ll find this under the Demographics tab.

CDC Obesity for 2010: This state level data from the CDC provides you with the percent of the population considered to be obese dating back to the year 2000. Look for it under the Health tab.

Federal Programs Updates

CRA Eligibility for 2010: Tract level status for Community Reinvestment Act eligibility is available under the Federal Guidelines tab for 2010. You’ll also find this data for 2009.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Eligibility for FY 2011: Updated block group level status for CDBG eligibility as established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development is now available in the Federal Guidelines tab.

Upcoming News

And, there is more data coming right around the corner. Look for more from the Census for 2010, updated mortgage statistics from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, and the latest quarterly home sale update.

We will also be releasing a ramped-up Data API and simple pricing structure allowing you to pull just those pieces of information that you need into your own platform. You’ll also get to try out a high-end data loader designed to allow you to upload your own data into our cloud-based application – and leverage it against the over 16,000 indicators already available for your use in PolicyMap. And, we’ll be announcing some very exciting new partnerships which will allow you to leverage the PolicyMap platform within other online applications.

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The PolicyMap Team