November 2008 Updates on PolicyMap

Update (06/09/2021): PolicyMap now has home sale data from Moody’s Analytics. Read more here.

The latest mortgage statistics from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) for 2007, along with data for 2004, 2005, and 2006 are now available and mapped on PolicyMap.
See how the median home purchase amount has changed over time in your community, where subprime lending is concentrated, where buyers took out two loans to purchase their home, and more. Find this in the Mortgage Originations tab in the Add Data Layer menu.

A note about this data:

  • According to HMDA, a number of banks that reported in previous years, did not report in 2007 for financial reasons. As a result, comparing 2007 data to previous years may be more problematic this time around than previously. We’ve done a series of percent change calculations with the HMDA data, so we just want to caution that some of the decline, for example, in subprime lending may have to do with a smaller number of banks reporting information to HMDA. Look for an upcoming blog entry for 2007 HMDA highlights and more discussion of the data.
  • Also, on the percent change maps, be sure to increase the number of ranges to 8 in the legend, so you can see places where subprime lending went up in purple.

Also new to PolicyMap

Qualified Census Tracts, Difficult Development Areas and Gulf Opportunity Zones.
Find out if the address or census tract in which you are interested qualifies under one of these categories. Find these maps under the State and Local tab in the Add Data Layer menu. Zoom into your area of interest or use the Set Location bar to type in an address or locate a particular census tract. Use the legend to determine if the address sits within an eligible area or if the census tract qualifies.

First Quarter 2008 Home Sale Data.
Find out how many homes sold, their median sale price and loan to value ratios for block groups, census tracts and counties around the nation. Home sale data is now available for 2006 through Q12008, with trends showing changes from 2001, 2003, and 2005, in PolicyMap. See this data in maps, tables and a unique Home Sale Report. (Home sale data and reports are available to subscribers only.) Visit our Data Directory for a listing of counties with home sale data.

A note about this data:

  • Home sale data for 2008 Q1 for Philadelphia County was not provided by Boxwood Means, as their data provider did not collect Philadelphia home sale data this period. Subsequent releases should include sales data for Philadelphia County.

Coming Next Month!

New Data:

  • Home sale data for 2007 year-end, which includes number of sales, median sale price, and percent change calculations to see how sales and sale prices have changed compared to 2006. (Subscriber only)
  • Health Insurance Coverage estimates broken out by race, age, and income, for counties and states. These estimates were produced by the Census’ Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)and are available to all PolicyMap users.
  • Community Areas and Wards for the city of Chicago. These boundaries will be available as overlays through the Map Options and will be free to all PolicyMap users.

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