PolicyMap Newsletter: Invest for Impact with New Federal Dollars


Digging Deeper: Fix a Bridge, Connect a Community

Jurisdictions should deploy new federal dollars strategically to achieve broad, long-term impacts – not just spend dollars on a to-do list of projects. The severity of what households and businesses have endured over the past year calls for something larger than business-as-usual. And this kind of strategic decision making should be guided by relevant data about the nature of the places in which we all live.

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Vaccines Administered and Delivered

Data from the CDC on the percentage of people vaccinated, as well as the number of doses delivered, is now on available on PolicyMap. This data is updated weekly and, when used in relation to other data on PolicyMap regarding vulnerable populations, can help policymakers as they continually evaluate their distribution strategies.

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Transit Lines

Bus and rail lines, stations, and stops are now available on PolicyMap. Overlay these lines and station stops on top of any data in PolicyMap to visualize transit availability in neighborhoods across the US. These new overlays are accessible within the Standard Base Map Settings.

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