Strengthen your NMTC application by using PolicyMap

PolicyMap is the simplest and most comprehensive online data and mapping tool providing you with a powerful resource for your NMTC application. PolicyMap includes all of the eligibility criteria from the CDFI Fund as well as additional tools and data indicators you won’t find anywhere else.

Purchasing a subscription to PolicyMap gives you the power to:
  • create market reports for a radius around a proposed project location, a custom area you draw on the map or a pre-defined geography such as a census tract;
  • geocode and upload an unlimited number of address files into the tool to visualize your own data against thousands of data layers already available in PolicyMap;
  • access additional market information such as transit lines, home sale prices, school locations, county health indicators, food retail analyses, brownfield site locations and more to really make a case in your application;
PolicyMap has the most up-to-date information, allowing you to map potential NMTC project addresses and determine eligibility based on 2006-2010 ACS data applied to 2010 census tracts. Use PolicyMap to quickly determine severe distress based on all of the primary and secondary criteria.
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