Clean Energy Tax Incentives Data

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PolicyMap’s Collection of Clean Energy Tax Incentives Data supports wind facilities, solar companies, EV charging stations, and other energy communities by providing information related to energy communities, low-income communities, and other areas that may be eligible for clean energy project tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

There are two ways to access the Collection of Clean Energy Tax Incentives Data: add an additional menu tab to your PolicyMap application, or license the collection through our API or flat files. PolicyMap’s curated collections are industry-specific data conveniently organized in one place. Click here to learn more.

What is included in the Collection of Clean Energy Tax Incentives Data?

The data is organized into two menus: Energy Communities and Other Tax Credit Eligibility. The Energy Communities sub-menu contains layers/points relevant to Energy Community designations as part of the IRA. The Other Tax Credit Eligibility sub-menu contains a collection of other designated areas that may be eligible for certain clean energy tax credits as part of the IRA (eg. electric vehicle charging stations).

How to Identify Areas Eligible for Tax Credits

The IRA set forth a series of incentives and direct investments for projects designed to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy innovation, and support underserved communities. The incentives are designed to support clean energy investments in very specific low-income communities around the country. PolicyMap can help make the identification of these places simpler.

There are many different tax credits available through IRA and the place-based eligibility can vary. Our team found this page to be a helpful resource.

Identify Incentivized Locations for Solar, Wind, and EV Charging Facilities Using PolicyMap

August 30, 2022 | Maggie McCullough

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